FCT: AGIS resumes land transactions, rolls out guidelines

Akin Akinbobola


In line with the Federal Government directives on the partial and gradual lifting of the lockdown measures, the customer service of the Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) and Land Administration Department has been opened to the public.

This was disclosed via a statement issued and signed by the AGIS Director, Information & Customer Service, (AGIS/Lands), Alhaji Muhammad Sule.

The staff at the Customer Service will attend to people that come to transact business only, as from 9.00am to 1.00pm thereby using the remaining one-hour window to tidy up.

Some of the services to be rendered to customers within this period include: Fresh Application; issuance of Survey Data; Ground Rents; collection of official mails at the Information Desk; production & deliverance of payment receipts; conducting Legal Search; issuance of Rights of Occupancy; issuance of Certificates of Occupancy; registration of Power of Attorney, Deed of Assignment, Deed of Mortgage, Deed of Sub-Lease, as well as Map production.

Due to this critical period of Covid-19 pandemic, the esteem customers are hereby informed that the following precautionary measures are put in place to safeguard against the spread of the disease in furtherance to the NCDC guidelines/protocols: Wearing of face-mask is mandatory for entry into the premises; hand washing or hand sanitizing and temperature checks are compulsory for all persons entering the premises; the principle of physical/social distancing must be observed by all-persons (i.e. maintaining at least 2 meters’ distance); in the premises.

Customers were also advised to drop all mails/couriers directly in the drop-box provided at the premises which, will be sorted and processed only after 24 hours.

According to the notice, “Only 10 customers would be allowed inside the Customer Service Hall at every particular time to ensure that physical/social distance is maintained at all times.

“All staff are to avoid entertaining visitors at this period as much as possible, should it be necessary, such staff should entertain them outside the Office and make it as brief as possible at the same time observing social distance protocol.”

While AGIS management warned that the threat of Covid-19 is real, it urged all Staff and customers that “everyone is responsible for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus by ensuring that the measures above and other guidelines/protocols for its prevention are taken seriously.

“The management also wishes to advise both staff and customers to collectively adhere sternly with these laid down rules on the deadly but preventable Covid-19, if all hands are on deck to observe the protocols/measures listed above as enshrined in the NCDC guidelines/protocol for its prevention.

“Accordingly, for the purpose of emphasis, it is expected that all customers observe them for our collective safety, protection and well-being.”